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My name is Richard Gagliardi and I am a PhD candidate in the Politics Department at Princeton University.  At Princeton my research focuses on the intersection of political psychology and international relations.

In my dissertation, Stereotypes and Reputations for Keeping Security Assurances, I explain how stereotypes affect the formation of reputations for keeping assurances.  I demonstrate how negative national stereotypes, which often have racial and ethnic origins, prevent states from attaining reputations for keeping assurances.  My dissertation further argues stereotypes that depict a nation as incompetent do more harm than stereotypes that portray it as a competent aggressor.  To test the theory I use a comparison of British reputational assessments of the United States and Japan between 1910 and 1931 and a survey experiment.  The different racially based stereotypes of Americans and Japanese produced reputations predicted by the theory.

It’s been a wonderful experience to have studied at Brown and now at Princeton.  I originally come from the great state of Montana.  Growing up in Missoula, Montana, a town nestled in the Rocky Mountains, I acquired a love of nature and an appreciation for the numerous cultural activities offered by a vibrant college town.  When not studying political science, I like to watch plays and movies, attend concerts, read about history, take walks, paddle board.

I earned an MA in Politics at Princeton University and a BA in Political Science and Economics at Brown University.  My CV is available here.